Ştirile zilei din ştiinţă şi tehnologie:

1. O misterioasă explozie în spaţiu - probabil naşterea unei găuri negre
["Pornind de la emisiile detectate de raze X şi radiaţie ultravioletă, 'The Cow' poate părea rezultatul distrugerii unei (stele) pitice albe de o gaură neagră. Alte observaţii, mai amănunţite, făcute pe alte lungimi de undă ale luminii, ne-au condus la interpretarea că (fenomenul) 'The Cow' este de fapt actul de naştere a unei găuri negre sau al unei stele neutronice".]

2. Oceanul planetar se încălzeşte în ritm accelerat
[Descoperirile, publicate în revista americană Science, dovedesc că rapoartele care sugerau o aşa-numită pauză în încălzirea globală în ultimii ani au fost eronate.]

3. Who Decided It Was Bad to Be Fat?
[How do people in other, non-Western societies feel about fatness and the prospect of becoming fat? Many cultures once believed that fatness was, in fact, good. But that situation is changing rapidly.]

4. Seven charts that show the world is actually becoming a better place
[While some people glorify the past, one of the big facts of economic history is that until quite recently a significant part of the world population has lived under quite miserable conditions – and this has been true throughout most of human history. The following seven charts show how the world has become a much better place compared to just a few decades ago.]

5. The problem of the absence of theory in biomedicine (and its consequences)
[In Medicine we have a similar crisis, but it is somewhat different from the situation in physics. In our case, there is simply NO THEORY whatever to guide experiment. Have you ever heard of a theory in medicine? I do not believe there is such a thing. In the absence of theoretical guidance, we perform endless experiments and get trapped doing the same unproductive things over and over and over (like 250 failed SEPSIS clinical trials).]

6. The internet, but not as we know it: life online in China, Cuba, India and Russia
[For the first time in history, more than half of the world's population is online. But this source of information is not the same for everyone. When you consider the ways the internet shapes the way we see the world; how it affects our idea of reality, these differences are more than digital window dressing — they have the power to influence what we think is true.]

7. Healthcare industry spends $30B on marketing—most of it goes to doctors
[Of the nearly $30 billion health companies now spend on medical marketing each year, around 68 percent (or about $20 billion) goes to persuading doctors and other medical professionals—not consumers—of the benefits of prescription drugs.]


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