Ştirile zilei din ştiinţă şi tehnologieÎn continuare vă prezentăm o selecţie cu cele mai importante titluri de articole de ştiinţă şi tehnologie, în concepţia noastră, publicate recent în cele mai importante mijloace de informare specializate de pe planetă. Iată, deci, cele mai interesante ştiri din presa lumii.




How an 1836 Famine Altered the Genes of Children Born Decades Later Io9
Speedy snails spread deadly disease BBC Science
The greatest mystery of the Inca Empire was its strange economy Io9 
A Sense of Mystery. Mechanics of magnetoreception The Scientist
How many uncontacted tribes are left in the world? New Scientist 
Exemples of quantum mechanics seen in every-day life AskAMathematician
Remains of World's Largest Fish Uncovered The Guardian 
Do men and women really look for different things in a romantic partner? MedicalXpress
The Most Distant Galaxy (That We Know Of) Science Blogs 
Quark asymmetries hint at physics beyond the Standard Model Phys
Study explains how the brain remembers pleasure and its implications for addiction MedicalXpress
5 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Stop Anxiety Psychology Today
The Romans Were Nanotechnology Pioneers Smithsonian 
Is there a correlation between kindness and intelligence? PsychologyToday
Why Does Food Taste So Delicious? Scientific American
Essential Brain Circuit in Visual Development Found Science Daily
Physicists Pinpoint Triple Point in Unique Metal Washington  University
Spicy food on the menu 6000 years ago New Scientist
How dengue virus changes mosquito behavior Phys
We Don't Know Why We Look Like Our Parents Pacific Standard
New report: NSA tapped into UN video conferences ArsTechnica
Your Email Is Insecure and Will Be for a While Digital Trends
12 Surprising Things Your Android Can Do Laptop
How Amazon (& You) Might Use Private Wi-Fi - TechHive
The 10 Biggest Tech Gambles TechRadar
11 Operating Systems that Time Forgot Business Insider
Eight World-Class (Free!) Online Courses Techlicious
How Much Recoverable Oil Do We Have? IEEE Spectrum
What Will It Take for LED Bulbs to Take Over? CNBC
The World Is Facing a Helium Shortage OilPrice 

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